This is the Wine and Food Blog of Beauperi Investments. Initially, this Blog showed our notes on a wonderful trip to Barcelona and the Priorat wine area which occurred in 2011. But the Blog has been extended to include a number of other trips and events – i.e. it is the main Blog for what has happened since and includes among others a duck crawl to Hong Kong, USA trip in 2014, a few other events AND will soon feature our two trips to Europe in 2015. We start the first on 1 June, 2015 and go for 6 weeks hitting London, France and Georgia. Please have a look as it goes and I will try not to get too far behind.

I have also added several new pages to this Blog including this one, About, for the latest news and then pages 2013, 2014, 2015 for events in those years, primarily in Melbourne. I have also added a non-food/wine page called Music which covers some of the live bands / gigs that we have gone to.

Finally, I would refer all you readers to my other Blogs as follows: – Europe 2011 – Spain, Basque region, 2012 – USA, Europe, 2012, Sep-Oct. – Slovenia and Croatia, 2012

Patrick Miller