Savor Tour Miscellanea

14-27 May, 2016 – Hungary to Croatia to Bosnia to Montenegro to Croatia

Since the Blog Posts of the Savor Tour are now finished, I have decided to put together some miscellaneous Bits in this Post. In time, it may be expanded due to inputs from the group, hopefully anyway.


This was the final itinerary from Savor tours. Naturally some small changes were made along the way for the actual tour.

14-day Savor Adriatic-Hungary Tour for guests_FINAL


The following are the fixed menus provided by Andrew.

May 18 Boskinac Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Dinner
Wild asparagus (seasonal) and eggs salad
Dried octopus frittata and beans salad with arugula
Lamb tripe
Lamb stew with homemade pasta ˝makaruni ˝
Baked octopus with vegetables
Selection of Pag cheese
Pairing with 5 glasses of Boškinac wine

Editorial comment: As mentioned in the Post, most of us found the Lamb Tripe to be truly revolting.

MAY 19 BOSKINAC your choice dinner
Lamb carpaccio
Suckling pig
Fresh cottage cheese cake with ice cream
Shrimp salad
Fish stew “brudit”
chocolate ganache cake

MAY 21 SPLIT dinner
1st course: Olive oil tasting
– introduction to olive oil, learning the difference between good and bad oil
– tasting 3 different types of olive oil
– pairing oil with the flower of salt, aceto balsamico and homemade oven baked bread
2nd course:
– Marinated white fish
– Prawns in lemon sauce
– Olive paste
3rd course:
– Lamb skewer with spring onions and rucola
– Marinated pork neck with anise sauce
– Baked potato with rosemary and olive oil
4th course: traditional Dalmatian dessert: paradižot (floating island)

MAY 27 KORCULA Farewell dinner
– one big plate, with young and mature cheeses, dry fruits, wine grapes, almonds, nuts.
– 3 white wines
-the first wine we will suggest to guests to take young cheeses
-for the second wine we will suggest mature cheeses.
-for the third white wine we sugest home made pasta with seafruit and seabass filet
-after third wine we will serve Sorbetto from Myrtle or rosemary, to clean up PH values in mouth because now we step to red wine.
-one red wine (0,05 l per pax).
– home made macaroni with black sephia and bob beans sauce
– for dessert slice of korn bread, over which we will pour first class olive oil and desert wine. The best imaginable substitute for cake. Traditional Korčula receipe. Moisture and aroma from olive oil, sweetnes from korn bread and Desert wine.
– glass 0,1 l of sparkling wine.


The following are some links provided by Andrew of places we visited:

Link to our lunch in Montenegro (village of Rvasi) that was the road from hell:

The menu at Hotel Conte in Perast where we had 2 dinners

Brkic winery in Bosnia we went to

The following are some links I have found:

Kovács Nimród Winery (KNW). KNW is situated in the Eger wine region

The Thummerer Winery

The winery of Szilvia Karádi and Zsolt Berger


Tokaj Oremus Winery

Tokaj Wine Vinegar Factory and Museum

Email address for our Cooper in Erdőbénye

bock winery, restaurant, hotel Villany

Hudacsko Winery in Bodrogkisfalud


Bibich Winery – Croatia

CROCUS Gere Wine Hotel in the heart of Villány



Villa Sv. Petar

Babe Winery Croatia

Alma Elezovic Bosnia – Guided Tours

Hotel Blagaj Bosnia

Cesarica Fish Restaurant, Kodor, Montenegro

restaurant kopun dubrovnik

D’vino Wine Bar Dubrovnik

fish restaurant proto dubrovnik

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