Naked Lunch and the Mouse

Saturday, 17 June, 2017

Note: for help on an explanation of the cryptic Post headline, look for photo captions with $$ in them.

Julie again gets a large amount of sleep, probably close to 12 hours. We decide to go to the Pantheon for Breakfast.

Julie Awaiting Breakfast

A glamour shoot at the Pantheon

Smoked Salmon Salad for Julie, not very good

Ham and Cheese Omelet for me

This did not turn out to be a good choice as it was quite expensive, not very good and the service was slow. Best to stay away from highly touristy places like the Pantheon. I return to the apartment while Julie prances again. Some shots from her.

A selfie at the Spanish Steps

The Naked $$ – body painting

What else but a Salmon Shop?[/caption]

Salmon in the Salmon Shop

The Menu

Julie returns to the apartment a little later than she expected. She says sge has found a good place for lunch so we go out to there.

Our Lunch Place – very good menu

Julie’s Famous 3 course meal

The Lunch $$ “Shrimp” Risotto

Just like the “lobster” with my first meal in Rome, the shrimp were Scampi cut into pieces with shell still intact.

Trying to separate the wheat from the chaff

The restaurant and its menu

Back to the apartment for me, more prancing for Julie. We are to have a reunion of sorts with available participants in Colin’s Tour da France of 2015. So later it is a 25 minute walk to meet up with the reunion. We have some drinks and then move to the restaurant part of the Bar.

The Mouse $$ in red – AKA Lorraine de Selle du Real with Chris and Jeremy

A number of starters are ordered, here are some on a plate.

Veal Medallions for Chris

Julie’s Seafood

My Guinea Fowl

I am feeling like I have had enough and kiss Mouse goodbye – she is not on this tour but lives in Rome which gave us a chance to catch up. I survive barely the long walk across Rome and crash – we leave Rome tomorrow.

So the headline of this Post had nothing to do with the drug addled novel from William S. Burroughs nor with continuing problems with my computer mouse.

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2 Responses to Naked Lunch and the Mouse

  1. Lois says:

    The weather is looking great and it sounds like jet lag is on the wane so it should be be all good from now on.

  2. dawn agius says:

    Kept Chas up with the beginning of your adventure. He’s feeling very smug here as his Swannies blitzed the Tigers after being 6 goals down in the second quarter. Love from here XX

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