Quiet Day in Modena

Thursday, 22 June, 2017 – Weather HOT

It is a good breakfast at our new Hotel.

We are on the bus at 9:30 to go to the cheese factory. Sadly, there has been another screw-up and it has been cancelled today. Instead, the bus is to take all willing to the Armani factory. I am a fast exit off of the bus as are several others. I am sure that the remaining had a good time??

I decide to follow the troops that jumped off the bus. Simone & Toto, Chris & Jeremy and Chris Love.

Heading to the Market

Simone does not get past the first shop before she disappears into the morass of shopping. The rest of us guys have a coffee, I want a Tea and they are making me an Earl Gray – yuk. So I change it to a Darjeeling which is much better. Eventually Toto suggests that we move on without them, so we do. The guys spend time in various shops but eventually we reach the Market destination.

The Guys in the Market

Looking down a row in the market

Note the Smoked Sa…. at the left of the photo


Towards the exit


Cherries are very much in season

We move out of the market and around various shops. Jeremy pops into one and finds some T-shirts he likes albeit there being sizing problems for a number of them.

Jez completing his purchases

We walk along the street a bit and Jeremy kindly gets some water from a random café.

Most unusal cafe with Electric organ and Women’s underwear side by side in window displays

I decide I have had enough and go back to the Hotel. Shortly after Julie shows up from her Armani trip, with a purchase. She encourages me to go across the street to the Deli as it will probably close for mid day break. So I do. I have the young guy serving me and he is not as friendly as the older one. Back to the Hotel where I work on this Blog. Eventually the cleaners come to the room so I move downstairs and get some suitable lubrication, G&T to enable smooth blogging.

Susan practicing her singing

We are walking to our restaurant tonight. Capo has advertised it as the world’s smallest, only 4 tables and only open one day a week. I go down early for a drink and there are two other groups there and it is very loud. We start our walk and the restaurant is just next to where we had coffee this morning.

Trooping up to the restaurant

which is actually a Deli with a room at the back

Our Chef

Our room

Our Table

Our Hosts – Sister and Brother

The first bubbles

Then the food starts coming.

Pillows with Meats – much lighter than last night’s

Pillows with Gorgonzola

Lambrusca – big in this area, we had some on the bus earlier in the trip

Rooster Salad

Pasta, very light

The Wines

The Happy Troops

Pork and Spuds

Vanilla Ice Cream – Eric and Jeremy are very happy

Then it is time to go. I wait for Julie only for Tony to convince me that she has already left – abandoning me. She does come back eventually on our way back.

BTW: has anybody noticed that there has been no Salmon in the Tags for the last 3 days. Unbelievable.

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