Go to Lyon

Thursday, 29 June, 2017 Weather – cold and wet

As indicated in the last Post, we are moving out of the Alps to Lyon a day earlier than had been scheduled. Personally, I would have been happy to stay on the extra day, but so be it.

The usual beautiful spread and cold brekkie foods

It is a late start, around 11:30 when a local bus comes by with a luggage trailer on the back. We say goodbye to Nikki, Hugh and Milo and start down the hill. The local driver is very professional and smooth. It is still raining and of course we are driving in winding mountain roads but he does it with ease. Once down in the flat it continues to be smooth and easy.

We stop at a roadhouse for loo and food and there is the usual chaos. But a cheerful young girl pushes things through.

A cheeseburger for me, coffee for Julie

We arrive on the outskirts of Lyon and the traffic is pretty bad. It is still raining too. We eventually arrive at the Sofitel which is an older hotel that has been quite modernised.

The nice bed

As can be seen the room is a bit small which makes it difficult with the big suitcases

We had had lots of space in our Gite in the Alps. I stay in and work on the Blog since the Net response times are great. Julie goes prancing for a while.

A Salmon baguette

What kind of shoe is that?

It is dinner on our own tonight so I suggest that we go to the Salmon restaurant that Julie had found last time we were in Lyon. We walk for what seems like ages but finally reach it.

Entering the Salmon shop

Julie Perusing the Menu (in French)

We order a nice wine, E Guigal Cote du Rhone

Strange? Guacomole and tortilla chips

Tried to catch the salmon shop photo on the window but it did not turn out

Gravlax for Julie with my salad

Grilled smoked salmon for me

Then the long walk back to home base and an early bed.

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