Around Lille

Friday, 28 July, 2017 – weather: OK

Again the weather is supposed to be poor with lots of rain but it did not really turn out that way albeit Julie did buy me a rain coat. We go out looking for a breakfast place, considering several before we select Le Pain Quotidien which turns out to be a Belgian Chain. There are several around Lille.


The special board

Another place across the road

Paul’s another chain

Our drinks – the best part of the meal

Julie had smoked salmon with a boiled egg and gave me her blocks of bread. She thought she was getting a sandwich.

I had scrambled eggs with ham and gruyere cheese

I did not care for the way that the eggs were cooked but made my own sandwiches with Julie’s bread. My salad went across to her of course. Not our favourite place. We walk around for a while looking at other restaurants for a possible choice for tonight. We go into a shop which has wine and buy two bottles. We take them back to the apartment and then Julie goes out prancing for quite a while. Some of her photos.

Just what everybody needs

and these

Our favourite Rose from Alex Lichine

A bottle of this made it home

She had wandered into a huge store which had “everything”.

Smoked Salmon by the Gazillion

More seafood

Vegies and Fruit

There had to be Duck

Apparently just about any kind of food you could think of pre-packaged and ready to be heated and served


Impressive size

Sashimi / Sushi

Julie returns and she indicates that she would like a much simpler meal tonight – a salad in fact. So we decide to go to a local place:

We are in Hippopotamus one that I took a photo of earlier today

I order a Hermitage for a wine, basically a Syrah/Shiraz

Julie had a Chicken Caesar Salad – what she had had in mind

I had Duck with chips and a rather good Bernaise sauce. Guess where the salad went

Irish Coffee

It had been raining a bit while we were there.

Other than showing the wet ground, the two photos show the confusion that can exist on what is footpath and what is roads. It is very dangerous.

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