Pride Amsterdam

Saturday, 5 August, 2017 – weather: grey and then slow improvement to a very good day

Our three day visit to Amsterdam is coincident with one of its biggest Holiday weekends from 4-6 August, the Pride Amsterdam. This a celebration of Gay Pride in Holland and attracts many visitors from overseas. There is a splash of gay colours all over town and it is amazing how much the people embrace the celebration, young and old, hetero and homo, married couples, children etc. It is in direct contrast with the attitudes of our Australian ruling politicians. I am not preaching or anything like that but I just cannot understand the dramatic difference between the peoples.

Any way, enough of that – this is a food and wine blog after all. I will put a few photos of the events in this post and Julie has taken lots of them. We head out to a local breakfast place I spotted yesterday.

Note the statues on the house

Our breakfast place

Important start to the day

Salmon sandwich for Julie, she liked it

Ham and Cheese Omelot for me, overcooked and not very nice

We then decide to go walking to a nearby Saturday market.

more of these shops

We were told that there is more control of pot by the government since 2012, at least for foreigners. Notwithstanding that, the smell was frequently around.

Vegetarians Shoes?

Nice motto

We reach the market which I did not think was much

Some of Julie’s photos of the market

A large Lobster

Fresh herbs – the smell was divine. Julie’s favourite part of the market

We then decide to walk back to the Hotel using a different route. A few of my photos along the way.

Popular place opposite the market

Gay pride colours, there is also purple

Every city needs these outdoor in the open, multi-station men’s toilet

Interesting looking wine shop

We bought a bottle of this which I thought the dealer said was from Korea

My kind of pu… er Cat

We walked for a long time and with the walk, the cobblestones, bricks, etc. it is very tiring. We get back to the room and I tell Julie that I am buggered and that she should go out prancing for the afternoon while I relax. The following photos are from her afternoon.

The colours of gay pride

More of the colours

There is a gay parade with a difference – there are floats but they are boats on the canals

It was said that there were 800,000 people watching the parade. They were 6 to 8 deep everywhere and it was hard to get decent photos.

Waffles are popular

Barbie Dolls are huge again

GB, you have finally made it

Food hall – Julie was not impressed

Great name

Great Menu – especially like the Codfather

More Barbies

More canal parade

Have to have salmon

Tasty Morsels??

Julie returned just before 6:00 and did not really have any ideas of where to go for dinner as the only reasonable places she saw were too far away. However, Julie spends a bit of time on the Pad and comes up with an idea that is not too far away.

Very close to home on the other side of the street


Elaborate works

The menu is really quite interesting with lots of choices.

The Van Speyk Menu

Julie and I shared Croquette starter. Not quite as good as the one in Brussels

Zalmfilet (Salmon) for Julie

Sudderlapjes (traditional Dutch beef stew)

Irish Coffee

After that is the short walk back home and good night.

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