Wine Expo

Friday, 8 November, 2013

Julie signed us up for the extra privileges for today. This meant that we could go to their breakfast buffet. As usual it was quite impressive with a large variety and kinds of food. For some reason, I stuck with Western Food, never mind another time.

We had signed up for the Wine and Spirit Expo and went along to it this day. It was a bit of an ordinary start with registration way up at the top floor and some of the wine areas a few floors down. My pre-registration was rejected and I had to start all over again. Any way we managed to get in and start looking around.

Designer Wine Casks

Designer Wine Casks

The first place we stopped at was selling “designer wine casks”. A most interesting concept. The wine was not too bad either.


Fascinating Wine Bottles

Fascinating Wine Bottles

Spanish Wines

Spanish Wines

We wandered around for quite a while. I stopped at this Spanish stall for some Rioja. We went down to the lower floors and wandered around them for a while. One of the most interesting stops was a winery that made Tomato wine. I tried it and, well, it was interesting. They also had some Pear wine and a few others in that vein. Interesting but not something that really grabbed me. Our registration enabled us to enter the VIP area which was a small room with tables but had hot and cold drinks and some dumplings. After that I decided that I had had enough so retreated to the Hotel. Julie stuck around for another few hours or so and apparently tried some interesting spirits.

Julie’s extra privileges sign-up also got us into the happy hours again. We got there and were joined by Ed Davis, then Selena and finally Roy. They had a few drinks with us but then headed out to the Hotel restaurant to meet others. We had food and drink and then headed off to bed as we have an early(ier) flight tomorrow.

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