I Thought I Had Lost Her

Monday, 17 July, 2017 – weather: brilliant

We are going our own ways today as Julie has a hot date – actually a business lunch with an expert on autonomous vehicles. As indicated above the weather is fantastic – circa 28C with little wind, not a cloud in the sky.

Julie goes out first but her lunch is not until 13:00. I decide to out for a bite and a wander around 11:45.

Fossgate is the major street for restaurants e.g. Mumbai Lounge is down the street

I have no idea what this means

I am heading to the Shambles market area and stop off at this place which is just before the Shambles.

Well known and rated Pulled Pork rolls

and there it is – what a beauty

I have tried to make pulled pork a few times at home and it was not particularly appealing – dried, overcooked pork shoulder. This one was quite good, I guess I get it now. I will have to try again once we get home.

I settled into one of those tables to eat the pulled pork and then relax in the sunshine, watching the market progress

A covered seating area and some of the other market stalls

I moved out of the Shambles area and decide to have a look around for a while as the weather is so good.

The disgusting queue at the Harry Potter shop

The Golden Fleece from the other side of the street

BetFred was a popular Bookie

The rest of these are photos I took while having a wander around:

Looking back up Fossgate Street

Loch Fyne is a seafood chain that Julie had mentioned a few times

The Poms and their Namings


Enough touring for me. I go back to the apartment.

Lots of fish in the river – we saw several fishermen during the stay but never a fish caught

About then Julie arrived at the restaurant – The Star Inn where we had had breakfast yesterday.

The Ladies (Helgas) Loo

The Mens (Olafs) Loo

The following is the all day menu and the dishes they ordered:


I am guessing that this is the Posh Prawn Cocktail

The offending dish – see below

No idea


Irish Coffee for Julie

On the way back

Julie came into the apartment and was really excited about the outcome of the meeting. There may be opportunities in the future.

Then there is a sudden change. She mentions that she has heartburn. Then her skin starts to turn red; hives breakout on her arms. It is clearly an allergic reaction to the seafood. Her windpipe swells up and it is hard to breathe. I did not know what to do, as the headline says I really thought I was going to lose her.

Fortunately, a combination of a good chunder (to clear out the remaining seafood), antihistamine and a 90 minute nap and Julie was like a new girl, no problems at all. Amazing. She even was hungry now. So we decide to go out.

We go to Loch Fyne which I had walked by earlier today

We were told that it would be a 30 minute wait before a table was available. We decide we will wait in the bar area.

The recovered girl in the Loch Fyne bar

After all that it was only about a 10 minute wait for the table as the owner brings the wine I had ordered to the table

Our wine – an Aregentian Malbec

Salmon and Salad for julie with pesto

Curry for me, not a good choice at all

The service in general, not necessarily for us, was appalling. Too many customers for the number of waiters (3). I was reluctant to order anything else but once the number of customers had settled down it became ok.

Irish Coffee for Julie

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One Response to I Thought I Had Lost Her

  1. dawn agius says:

    Wow, that must have been really scary for you both. We’re so glad Julie’s OK. Give her a big kiss from us. XX

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