Continued Grey in London

Monday, 24 July, 2017 – weather: grey, cold and drizzly

It is another dreary day. Julie has a business meeting this afternoon. We vacillate about going out for breakfast, e.g. to Borough Market but decide not to do so today. She goes out and returns for some stuff for her to eat:

A great croissant from a busy deli named Paul and salmon, of course

Julie then goes to her business meeting. Apparently she passed through an interesting food stall street market around St James but did not take photos. It was gone when she returned. I decide to go out to tour Earls Court and get some lunch. I have stayed here several times before but of course many shops keep changing. Let me say a bit more about the apartment. The following shows the type of blocks in which they are contained.

These apartments have access to this private park in the middle of the square block of apartments

The apartment is located in a very quiet street.

Our Earls Court Apartment link. Highly recommended

While out I grab a burger and explore up and down Earls Court Road. No photos as I have seen most of it before. I was looking for a restaurant for tonight – there was a Thai place off the main road that GB and then Julie and I went to on previous trips but it looked like it was closed for repairs. I had pretty much decided on another Lebanese place that Julie had spotted in her first reconnoiter but I missed it because I turned the wrong way into Old Brompton road. Any way, it is still very cold so I return to the apartment to warm up.

When Julie returns, we decide we will go up to Old Brompton Road to select the Lebanese place or one of the recommendations from Katerina. The weather has improved a little bit from earlier in the day. In the Post of a couple of days ago there was a photo of a multi-coloured door with no explanation. We run into it now.

The Troubadour

This is a famous music venue from the past

They still do live music downstairs. I guess this where the term Basement Bands came from

Inside the Troubadour

We decide on the Lebanese restaurant Meejana

Strangest thing – no one is Home!

No customers, no obvious staff anywhere, very weird. It remained that way for at least 10 minutes we would call out and get no answer.

So we took matters into our own hands and grabbed some menus to look at

Still no one except the piano

Finally, some one comes up the stairs from the Kitchen below. It is the same kind of deal we experienced in Lyon, the owner, waiter and chef were all the same single person. We order some wine.

Julie with water and wine

While I was up for the photo, two Irish Ladies enter and assumed that I am on the staff. I correct them but show them to a table and give them some menus.

The Ladies took photos of us

Julie’s Seafood platter with fennel

Julie was somewhat disappointed. She gave all the Scallops to me, too much aniseed for my taste, found the salmon over cooked despite discussion with the waiter about not overcooking the fish – maybe the waiter did not convey the message to the cook (same person) and the white fish was OK.

My Lamb Shank with Lebanese Rice with minced lamb and vegies with vegie stock. Quite good.

The Irish Ladies Mezze

The Multi-layered Irish Coffee

The Irish Ladies talking with Julie

A couple of other parties came in and our Waiter/Chef seemed to handle them OK. The last guy, obviously a regular, asked are you on your own again so that must not be an unusual occurrence even for a restaurant that size. End of night for us.

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  1. Lois says:

    Don’t you just love a British summer!

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