Tuesday, 25 July, 2017 – weather: great

Actually the weather report is fake news. It is supposed to be a fine day but starts grey and slowly improves throughout the day. That hardly makes it great but by comparison to what we have seen it is superb. We start the day by going out for brekkie at a local pub.

Great messages from a wine shop

We decide on the Blackbird Pub

The Pub is famous for its pies

Waiting for Brekkie

My Sausage Roll

Smoked salmon with the Egss Benedict quite niggardly

Great view of the pub out the window

The Blackbird as we leave

Since the weather is OK we decide to look around the private park across the way

Julie smelling the roses

Julie smelling the roses

Julie took a number of photos of the flowers in the private garden

A small tree fern

After leaving the garden and returning to the apartment, Julie prances out again and takes some more food shots.

What does the title of this Post mean? Is it rooty, toot, toot we’re the boys in the Boy Scout troop? No, Tooting is actually a suburb in South London and we are going on a tour of Indian foods in Tooting that Julie found on Airbnb. So we take the tube to Tooting Broadway to meet our guide Aidan at 4:00.

The Cafe where we are to meet Aidan

Julie finds Aidan at the back to the cafe

We are joined by 4 other guests and go to our first place

Aidan orders several vegetarian dishes

We are a diverse group with 2 Americans, two Australina, a German, a Hong Konger and Aidan an Anglo-Indian

More vegie dishes including the famous Dhosa

We then depart and stop by a couple of fruit shops that have some unusual fruits which are commonly used in Indian cooking.

We then enter a local market

Its JEJ in front of us. Joshua, Edmund and Julie

These guys need a bit more to themselves

Nice bar with snacks

Great name, good propietor who explained a lot that was going on

The Group

Of all the gin joints in the world …

We walk for quite a while through two markets and a number of shops. We end up at a eating place that opened as a very small shop a while ago and was very popular, grew and has now expanded here.

Aidan’s Current Favourite

Various Curries

Yukkie looking sweet thing in the window

and at the table

Salad – Julie’s favourite


Various chutneys

Various sides

Potato Curry. The dish in front was lamb ribs which should have been my favourite for the day

My problem is that with all the walking I am totally wiped out by the time we got there. Some nice meat dishes and sambals but I wasn’t up to it.

A final tea – horrific amounts of sugar

One thing I will say about this place is that it has the cleanest toilets I have seen for a long time in public places.

We then move to a Sweets shop


More Yuk

Our booty – logged in with a fruit shop nearby

Yes, we have no Mangoes

A sweet spot along the way

Our exit point

After boarding the Tooting Bec train we make our way back home. Way too much food today but liquid grapes were required and in demand. A good day, a huge one tomorrow.

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One Response to Tooting

  1. Aidan Kiernander says:

    great photos! what a nice afternoon that was 🙂

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