Another Quiet Day in Brussels

Tuesday, 1 August, 2017 – weather: grey but OK

This morning Julie has another business meeting. We are eating in this morning and I make a half decent croque monsieur, which is a glorified French name for a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. I suppose the only difference is that I used a Belgium cheese that Julie had bought.

Any way, Julie goes out for her meeting which again is supposedly successful and returns around 1:30. A couple of photos on the way back.


We decide we will have lunch in the place in our building that we spotted last night.

The restaurant is primarily serving Italian food, is owned and run by French people in a Dutch speaking city. Hmmm.

Really well fitted out throughout

Note all the wine corks in the ceilings

Peeking in to Julie studying. Again note the corks in the window

Julie had the Salmon with salad

I have Duck Steaks with oyster mushroom sauce/ The offending greens disappear across the table

Our restaurant

We go back up stairs. The Internet that had not been working now is. Julie goes out prancing again. She returns around 5:30 and insists that we do a bit of a tour around. We are not really hungry after the big lunch but check things out anyway.

My former world

Asian Supermarket

not sure what this cuisine is

We wander around in circles, to my mind any way and end up at Kipkot from Sunday night. We look at a number of restaurants in the area but since we are not that hungry we decide to go back for a small amount of chook and salad. There is a totally different waiting crew tonight. I see the owner through the window and he recognizes and waves to me and then to Julie who is around a bit of a corner. He then goes home without any discussion.

Like Sunday, mostly empty when we arrived and again like Sunday had almost totally filled up when we left, albeit a bit later in time

Our shared meal of 1/4 chook (Kip), salad and frites

Statue in front of the cathedral

Walking to home. End of a slower day

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