Very Quiet Day in Brussels

Monday, 31 July, 2017 – weather: grey but OK

Today, Julie has a work meeting in the afternoon so we don’t have any other plans. She goes out prancing relatively early in the morning. Some photos.

A chocolate shop

Tung, do you own that?

Julie returns and has bought a couple of croissants. We have breakfast in with stuff she picked up last night and today’s purchases. Julie then works on her reports for her Oxford stay, maybe lost the work when the crablet froze. She departs for her meeting, too late in my mind and does in fact arrive 15 minutes late. Some more photos.

Julie had indicated that she would return by 4:00. Apparently her meeting went until nearly 4:00 and was a success of sorts. More photos.

Is that Trump with a different hairstyle?

Chris, maybe there is a solution to charging electric cars?

Ownerless cars

I want one of these

Julie finally returned at 6:30, a far cry from 4:00. Any way, we decide to go for a walk to have a look around and have some dinner. Brussels is on a big hill and the most promising direction is down hill from where we are located.

Lots of statues in Brussels

There was an outdoor exhibition of similar art?? this being the largest piece of twisted garbage

We did not go to that restaurant – perhaps we should have

The Jewish Museum

A restaurant row, one of many

This is the place we selected, possibly because we were tired of looking

Bread and

nuts + raisins before ordering is unusual

A bit about our historic restaurant

Julie’s Salmon

came with mash potatoes, they were good

I ordered Pigs Trotters with came with chips. Perhaps not the best choice

This artwork was also on the Menu cover

The restaurant has really filled up while we were there. I expect that is a normal situation with many of them. We depart, it is decided that we will walk uphill to go back home. Some photos along the way.

Unusual piece in an art shop

Interesting looking museum

Interesting Grafitti above

Restaurant in our building looks OK

Time to go up the elevator after a tiring day mostly doing nothing.

The vintage elevator

Both doors have to fully closed to operate the lift

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