Tuesday, 8 August, 2017 – weather: grey, again

Although we were on the boat overnight, we still have not left the Amsterdam docks. Additionally, there are a couple of tours around Amsterdam scheduled until we finally get cruising in the afternoon. We start the day with breakfast downstairs. It too is a smorgasbord which is really quite good for that sort of thing.

Julie loved the smoked salmon etc

The two scheduled tours are a canal cruise and a windmill tour in a bus. I decide against both of them and so does Julie, but she decides to go on another prance around Amsterdam. Some photos.

What’s that smell in the air?

An important destination because of Julie’s Son

Duck, of course

Grotesque. Julie wanted to buy it, I am glad she did not

I had had brekkie but decide to get a cheese platter from the River Cafe

More goodies

Julie returns just in time as we are actually going to start moving on the water. Sure enough we get going. But in the mean time lunch is on downstairs – once again a buffet lunch.

I had roast chicken and other stuff

and a second serve of chook

A string quartet of young girls from around the world performed

First of several Irish Coffees for the madam

Tonight is the welcoming dinner downstairs. It is ala carte and we are supposed to dress up somewhat.

Great presentation

One last Irish Coffee

We had not slept well over night so have a relatively early evening.

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One Response to Cruisin’

  1. dawn agius says:

    Just catching up with the beginning of your cruise. Chas really loved those Trump socks!

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