Lazy day on the Rhine

Wednesday, 9 August, 2017 – weather: grey, again

Lazy for me any way. For some reason we are up early and have to wait for breakfast. It was worth the wait.

Smoked Salmon for Julie

Freshly made Bacon, mushroom and cheese omelet for me

We are parked near Cologne (Koln). There is a walking tour of Cologne which Julie goes on but I stay back on the boat. Some of her photos.

In the mean time, a girl comes around and informs us that there is another event on board that had not been mentioned. It is a lesson in taste and aromas.

Our “Lecturer”

Our tasting experience opportunities

The colours are test tubes that have hidden odours in them. we were supposed to guess – I could not identify any of them

Our ship proceeds up the Rhine to our next pick up place. The buses from the Cologne tours are there waiting for us.

The troops awaiting the Pearl arrival

Scenic Pearl arriving to pick up all the bus people

Julie boarding

Then it was pretty much straight to lunch downstairs,

My plate of veal casserole etc.

Julie has the usual slug of salad

The plan for this afternoon / evening is to go to Marksburg Castle for tour, food and entertainment. I decide that I do not want to go on a 90 minute bus trip so stay back as does Julie for the same reason. All in all around 25 passengers stay behind and enjoy the cruise down the river.

The Remaining Troops

They invite us in for dinner at Portobello which is the converted River Cafe

One good point about this is that the meal is ala carte rather than the frequent smorgasbord.

Some of the rest of the troops

Salad starter for Julie

Beef and asparagus starter

Potato croquette starter

Broth good, dumplings not so much

Salmon and salad for Julie as a main

Vegie Main Course

Steak main course – just OK

Fruit dessert


The main body of troops gets back around 11:15 and Don Roberto starts playing music. I stay up too late until after midnight.

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