The Assumption

Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 – weather: Great until late

Today’s headline is not about a presumption or supposition or any of the other such synonyms from Roget. Instead, it is about the Catholic Holy Day for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. Why does this matter? Because in Catholic parts of Europe, The Assumption, today, is a public holiday and, hence, (almost) all of the shops are closed when people take a tour around Regensburg.

Some time in the morning we left the Canal and entered the mighty Danube. It is certainly wider.

After breakfast, smoked salmon as usual, there is a cooking demo by head chef Budi.

Setting up the cooking demo

Head Chef Budi with “volunteer” Sharon, who did all the work

Serving the potato soup which contains lots of ingredients including chicken, bacon, herbs etc

My soup

Serving the Bread and Butter pudding, the other part of the demo

Today the boat is putting on a Bavarian Lunch.

The Hotel and Restaurant Managers in fine Bavarian Hats. Most of the waiters had their own unique hats

There is a 100% queue around the serving area for people tryin to get some of their Bavarian meal. There was quite some discussion about the merits and rudeness of pushing into the lines, I am quite opposed. I sat on the sidelines for over 40 minutes, waiting for it to thin out a bit. When I finally got there I was not that impressed with what was available.

My Bavarian lunch

I got some roast pork too

There are two choices of tours in the afternoon:
(1) A walking tour of Regensburg where we are berthed.
(2) A visit to Weltenburg Abbey. I had signed up for this but did not go.

Julie went on the first tour but mostly did it on her own. Some photos.

David and Goliath

Why wasn’t that place called David’s?



The Boys enjoying the weather. Apparently a number of them would jump into the river from the bridge

Viewing that last photo, one can see that it is a beautiful day. So I decided to visit the top deck where I had not previously gone.

Selfie on the deck – poor subject

Joe returning from carrousing in town

Impressive Building in the middle of nowhere

Julie returns and it is nearly time for dinner. The sky is getting more and more cloudy and off in the distance we see rain coming down.

Impressive presentation

Caeser Salad

Black Forest Ham with Pickled Vegies


Old fashioned Cream of Potato soup

Sea bass with white asparagus

No fancy for me. Old fashioned burger and fries

Strawberry ice cream a very popular dessert


Impressive dessert

As the meal proceeded the weather deteriorated rapidly. Eventually an impressive lightning show started in the clouds and went on for a couple of hours. Only the occasional bolt went to the ground. There was not a lot of thunder heard, but there was some. Then it started raining heavily. Our burst of great summer weather had come to an abrupt end.

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One Response to The Assumption

  1. dawn agius says:

    Apparently the worst European summer for decades. Never mind, hopefully we’ll have some Spring weather waiting when you arrive home. We all enjoyed a lovely Guy Grossi dinner at WA but missed you both.

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