Monday, 14 August, 2017 – weather: Great

This morning we are in Nuremberg, a famous German town. I won’t go into the long history, turmoil, trials, etc. For more info:

Wiki info on Nuremberg

It is a beautiful day so that means there are no excuses not to do one of the tours. Those scheduled are:

1) Nuremberg WW2 tour
2) Tastes of Nuremberg
3) Gingerbread Cooking Class

We select the second tour and board the bus into town. Our local guide
is an absolute comedian. For example, when we disembarked from the bus, he pointed out a red area of the path where we should not stand as it is a bike path. The reason it is red, blood from all the tourists knocked over by bikes!

Any way, we arrive in town and seem to drive around in circles around the old wall that houses the old town. Lots of road construction everywhere does not help. We finally reach our landing spot.

Part of the Nuremburg Castle

We are broken up into two groups – those who want to go into the castle and those that want a “gentle walk”. It was an easy choice for me, since Glen Campbell has died all I can think of is “Gentle on my Mind”. Julie goes for the “into the palace” tour, not that there is any evidence of being in the palace in her photos. We have a young guy as the guide of the gentle group. He is very knowledgeable but his microphone does not work on our travel pods so we have to get up close to hear him.

Maps of the Old City are everywhere

Entering the curved tunnel into the old city

In the old town with our tour leader

The Rabbit – I never did hear the relevance of this statue

Tastings from a Gingerbread Shop – I passed

The Gingerbread Shop

Our guide indicated that there is no ginger in those gingerbread.

Nuremberg’s most famous hero

A church in the main square

It used to be Catholic before Martin Luther and the Reformation. Now Protestant

The few remaining original bricks after the Allied bombing during WW2.

Ornate fountain in the Central Square

We go into a Bratwurst restaurant where we are to have Bratwurst and beer. In there, we discover that the other group, including Julie, are already there and have been for a while having worked on their beer and bratwurst. So what did they get up to while we were gentling along? Some of Julie’s photos.

Overlooking the city

In the square in the old town

An ex-wishing well I guess

The poor rabbit from another view

Gingerbread I guess

Beer and bratwurst, long before we arrive

We arrive in the Bratwurst Haus

Others in our group

Bratwurst and beer for me, with Joe’s to my left and Brenda’s across the way

Julie leaves pretty much straightaway leaving one of her Bratwurst snags behind. Brenda’s is divided between Joe and I. We all head outside to the market in the square. Some photos from me.

Our restaurant

Overlooking the market

Nice looking fruit


Joe and Brenda leaving the market – we decided to have a drink while waiting for the bus

Joe waiting for service, which was shocking

Our dark beer

In the same time frame, Julie was wandering around the market and town. Some of her photos:

Ruth and Larry

I have to say that there were not many tastes of Nuremberg. Some gingerbread, a bratwurst, a beer and nothing else. I find my way back to the bus for the 11:30 return to the boat. The prodigal daughter, Julie, returns and finds me there. Our local guide has a few more funnyisms on the way back and then we get on the boat. Although we had a late morning snag, we decide to go to lunch.

Julie’s small salad

I had a nice soup and did not really need any more. However, the beef looked good.

My beef roll with horseradish

Julie’s smoked salmon with horseradish – I had pointed out the horseradish to her located with the beef

Then it is time for a nap after all that gentle walking etc. As a result, we miss the afternoon entertainment which was a tap dancing exhibition. Later in the afternoon we participate in organised tours of the galley.

The galley is quite small for the size of the operation. It is also quite warm.

Head Chef Budi holding forth

Then it is time for dinner, as if we have not had enough to eat today.

We enter the first of the big Locks

There is some yahoo dancing with the usual favourites until rap crap started again, driving me away. Therefore, it was off to bed after a long day.

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