Oh, Vienna

Friday, 18 August, 2017 – weather: Turned crappy again

We wake up outside Vienna

Looking back at other cruise boats

At 9:00 there is a Vienna City walk tour. I decide to pass on that. Julie catches the bus into town but does her own tour, we have been to Vienna before.

Salmon of course

and for lunch for Julie

Julie does not return for lunch but I soldier on with Larry and Ruth.

Austrian Boiled Beef – very nice

Julie continues her prance around Vienna. Her plan is to catch the 15:30 shuttle from town.

Looks suspiciously like a Julie 3 course meal

Julie does in fact get back around 4:00 on the town shuttle. This is important as we have an early dinner tonight at 5:00 PM. The reason for the early start as we have a formal event in town tonight. But first dinner.


Pumpkin soup

Fruit salad

Can’t recall its title but it was quite good

Salmon and salad for guess who?


Weiner schnitzel for me, not that special

Real fruit salad

Strudel, of course


The reason for the early dinner and the dressing up is because of a Private Classical Music Concert at Palais Liechtenstein.

The Palais

Julie entering the Palais

The huge square

Me in my new clothes

Julie and her new Chariot

Entering the main hall

Impressive ceiling

The 10 piece orchestra

The Mistress of Ceremony

The Soprano – I reckon that our La Stupenda is better

The Tenor


The Dancers

Dancing with the audience

The Encore

The last piece they did, to which the dancers performed was, of course, the Blue Danube. I did not realise how much the French Horn was a part of the BD.

An easy bus ride back, it was quite difficult going there with traffic and street closures for some kind of bicycle parade.

After a long day, you would have thought that this would be all. No, there is food in the lounge, I had one small hot dog. Then that is enough for me.

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One Response to Oh, Vienna

  1. Lois says:

    Looks like the weather was kind,Blue skies in your photos is nice to see. You both looked lovely on your night out.

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