Barcelona Q & A

Q: Patrick, I did not think you were near Barcelona. What gives?

A: Yes, you are right, we did not get to Barcelona this time, although were there a few years ago. The reason that this subject is brought up is because of the horrendous happenings there last week.

Q: So why have you included something about Barcelona in this Post?

A: Because our close friends Neil and Toula were just two blocks away in Barcelona when the vigoro hit the mixmaster.

Q: OK, but this is a food and wine blog so why cover this at all?

Because in spite of the carnage et al in Barcelona, Neil and Toula have encountered some magnificent dishes in Barcelona. I have decided to put these snaps into this as a Guest Post.

Black pudding with Squid, delicious

beetroot carpaccio with prawns, so delicate and full of flavour.

Green tea noodles with mushrooms, beef, spicy sauce with okonomiyak

Charcoal Iberian pork ribs

Prawns tempura with dashi, yum

Tempura maki, salmon, avocado and fresh cream cheese- delicious

Thanks, Neil. They all looked magnificent.

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One Response to Barcelona Q & A

  1. selena says:

    What a tour you have made! So many travel tales to tell when you get home. See you soon.

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