More suffering

Sunday PM, 4 September, 2011

Well, what more could go wrong?  I am under difficult conditions. I am trying to Skype with GB and email chat with DK but I am up on the roof of the hotel, next to a pool, mostly in the sun making the screen hard to read. Oh, it has a good view over Barcelona and I forgot to mention there is a G&T. Things are definitely looking up and it is good to get out of that Hotel room although it would be nice to have that (anchor around the neck) job finished and it is not.

To make things worse, while I was slaving by the pool my Suitcase was delivered to our room. Damn, I thought that my white singlet was going to be my formal ware for the rest of the trip.

As you can see, things have picked up a lot since yesterday.

We are still deciding where to venture for tonight but I will try to take pictures.

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Gourmand & Wine Connoisseur.
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One Response to More suffering

  1. PAu Fischer says:

    One should always plan for the unplanned when travelling overseas.

    I did note amongst the muddled travel arrangements , you did mange to get a glass of red wine when required and pass a cooment on its quality !

    Cheers Fish

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