It must be meat

4 September, later in the day

JV did her usual tour of Barcelona on foot. In the mean time, I continued slaving away on that damn report, will it ever finish. Eventually, I got sick of it and went to the pool which is on top of the Hotel and presents a good view of the city of Barcelona, some aspects of which I described in the previous post. It was very nice, I got some red on my skin. JV eventually joined me and we had a round of G&Ts.

During her walking tour of Barca, She had picked up some business cards from various restaurants including one El Rincon de Aragon (sounds like the Lord of the Rings). Although the place was very busy, they apparently took JV on a tour including the kitchen. Frank talks about this place in his book (Page 218) and indicates that one should go at lunch as the meet, its specialty, is being cooked and served immediately whereas at night it has already been cooked and is reheated. Nevertheless, we decided to give it a go, especially as it was one of the few open on Sunday night.

The place specialises in goat, lamb and pig. When we got there there were three cooked baby pigs in the window and some little lamb legs in the bain marie inside. We were escorted past the narrow bar and then kitchen to the dining room by one of the “old mamas”. We ordered a bottle of red, a pretty decent Rioja. We ordered more later and mam brought out a salad, which JV eventually demolished – I had a few olives which were very nice, and the bread Pa Amb Tomaquet which, according to Frank needs to be prepared freshly but this had been done earlier in the day and was very soggy.

JV, Rioja and Dining Room

JV and Old Mama

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