New Journey, onto New Orleans

Wednesday afternoon, 16 April

We check out of the Hotel and wait for our Aussie friend Gary to pick us up in a taxi to head to La Guardia airport. It is still raining and a bit of snow on the ground. The traffic is bad but Gary shows up not too late, good to see him. The trip to the airport is slow and uneventful. When we get there everything seems to be going smoothly until the Vigoro hits the mixmaster!

I had checked in online yesterday but did not have a printer. But there are kiosks there to enable the boarding passes to be printed. I should have written down the confirmation code, but I did not. So, I put the laptop on top of the kiosk carousel, printed the boarding passes and proceeded to security, stupidly leaving the laptop behind. I am going through the xray screening at security when I realise the problem. I go back to the check-in area but no laptop. I talk with a baggage girl nearby who says that she saw the laptop picked up by a cleaner who was going to take it down to Lost and Found.

So I head down there but they have not seen anything like that. I am there for 90 minutes with little progress being made albeit with sterling effort by the staff. Eventually, the shift supervisor for the Cleaners comes there and promises to track it down. I finally leave Lost and Found and head up stairs. I see the Baggage girl who is with the Cleaning Supervisor. The girl says she thought she saw the cleaner give the PC to another passenger that claimed it as his. My heart sunk. I started analysing the problems we were going to have without the PC, flights, accommodation, banking, rental cars etc. – a horror story.

Eventually the supervisor sees another employee coming our way. He says that he has the PC. He goes down to the other end and shortly after brings the PC back. Hallelujah! I don’t deserve such luck after such stupidity. The wonderful Ladies that lead the recovery were Maribel from Lost and Found and Faye Harvey the Cleaning Supervisor. Thank you so much you lovely Ladies! They were working for Delta which quite clearly has lifted their game from 10 years ago.

Gary & Julie meet me inside the take-off area and are pleased that the problem was solved. I sent an SMS to Gary while at L&F which he received in a timely manner 28 hours later. We had to have a quick drink before boarding the plane. The flight was uneventful, if not a little boring (as are all flights) but again I would say, Delta has improved a lot. We arrive in New Orleans, the suitcases come off in good time and we go to the taxis. A decent wait as there are no taxis around but eventually we are picked up by a taxi driven by Sasha.

When we tell Sasha where we are staying, Treme, he is immediately alarmed. He explains that it is a dangerous area where we should not be out at night.Naturally this scares us a bit. We get to the apartment and while it is quite big, it is not as clean as it should be. The wireless is not that special either.

We walk through the dangerous two blocks to the outskirts of the French Quarter. After looking at a few places, some of them quite crowded, we settle on a smaller, less posh place that was quite alright. No pictures or name sorry. Gary had a “gumbo” and was quite disappointed that there was no Okra or File in it. The food was still good in general.

Julie starts talking with an older African American couple at the next table. They too express grave reservation as to where we are staying. They leave but a short time later the guy, Tony, returns and says he has talked to the Hotel where he is staying in the French Quarter and strongly recommends we move there. He leads us to the Hotel and we could have stayed that night but decide to go back to the Treme place, by Taxi of course and change the next morning.

The day that had its share of ups and downs, ended up a bit uneasily.

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