The Rhine Gorge

Thursday, 10 August, 2017 – weather: Rained all day

We are to enter the Rhine Gorge at around 6:00 AM so we are encouraged to get up then to view the entry. I wasn’t going to do that but since I am awake I put on some clothes and go out. Well, it is pouring rain and it is hard to see anything, so I go back to bed.

After I get up we have a good breakfast, similar to yesterday, and go out to see the sites, especially the world famous Lorelie.

Its out there somewhere – the rain makes it very hard to see

Refer to this link for the Lorelei

As we travel along the Rhine Gorge, there are lots of old castles and towns. So here are a few photos of some of them.

We dock at Rudesheim. There is to be a tour around various parts which starts with a small train ride into town to the Music Museum. I was going to go but all the rain dampened my spirits, pun intended, I decide to stay on the boat, maybe I will never leave it. But Julie goes on the train. There is a long queue to get into the museum so she prances around town. Following are her pictures.

From the cable car

From the cable car

A special way of making coffee

The special coffee – the following are the steps

The finished product

All those ducks

It continues to rain all day. Eventually the troops start arriving, walking back from town rather than waiting for the return train. Julie eventually is one of those. Around dinner time we turn off of the Rhine onto the Main River. From here we pass through a number of locks, of various sizes, I think there was the mention of 68 or something like that. We pass by the towns of Mainz on Main and then Frankfurt

Dinner tonight is downstairs but there is an ala carte menu.

Turkey fajitas starter

Pumpkin soup

Leek Broth

Julie’s Salmon, again overcooked

Larry’s (double) serve of sauerbraten

A regular serve of sauerbraten

Cheese for dessert

Lots of folk, including Julie, danced to disco

The dj played such outstanding songs as YMCA, Macho Man, Nutbush City Limits, etc. I stayed up fairly late until he started playing rap, rap, eat my cr*p. It was time to go.

Somebody stopped by with an Irish Coffee.

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