Still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain

Friday, 11 August, 2017 – weather: Grey and Rainy

For those of you that wanted more details about the special Rudisheimer coffee of yesterday:

Recipe for world famous Rudisheimer coffee

We get up and face another ugly looking day weatherwise. It is just grey but alternates between grey and rainy all day. There is a scheduled Oktoberfest on today but my enthusiasm is getting watered down, again pun intended.

After breakfast, we hang around in the lounge. After 11:00 we have a Zither concert by Tomy-the-Great.


Tomy played a number of Zither favourites culminating in the Third Man Theme

As we proceed down the Main, I take a number of photos, here are some.

A very low bridge

The backside of that bridge

Arrived at Miltenberg

Miltenberg is the jump off point for all of those going to the Oktoberfest. It has been described to us as beer, bratwurst and entertainment. Julie does not like sausages and does not drink beer, often anyway. I can’t drink beer because it cases me pain. Plus it is raining. So it was an easy decision to stay on the boat. However, there is time for a short prance for Julie. Some photos.

After everyone leaves, lunch was put on in the River Café. We had some quite satisfying fish and chips. I take some photos about our progress up the river including a sequence on the Lock action.

Sailing into the Lock with our little Hero on duty

A difficult lassoo from 10+ feet and he did it first try with ease

Our hero returning with the water pouring into lock

We moved to dinner below

Cucumber cocktail



Mushroom Cappuccino


Lamb main



Relatively early to bed tonight/

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One Response to Still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain

  1. Lois says:

    Hope weather picks up for you.At least Julie is still getting her walks and I’m enjoying both your photos.

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