Off the Boat at Last

Saturday, 12 August, 2017 – weather: Grey and Rainy, but improves

We have signed up to go to a castle tour and wine tasting today in Wrzburg. The weather is again dismal and it is tempting not to go, but I do it any way. So after brekkie I hop onto the bus. Julie walks into town.

Arriving at the Bishop’s Residence

I hope you noticed the weather conditions by the state of the umbrellas with the group. We are not allowed to carry water bottles, hand bags, umbrellas etc. which we put into a large locker before starting the tour. Additionally, we are not allowed to take any photos so there aren’t any. To summarise it is a huge place with the usual excess in terms of fittings, tapestries, etc.

When that tour is over and obligatory stop in the souvenir shop, we go to another part of the “residence” and down into a wine cellar for a wine tasting.

In the wine cellar

They set that room up for a wine tasting, but not for us

The secret passage to another part of the wine cellar

About to enter the tasting room

In the tasting room

Pouring the first wine a muller thurgau – not my favourite

Our tasting list

The Second Wine – a Sylvaner, again not for me

The third wine was a Riesling and was advertised as semi-dry which I was assuming to mean sweet.

The Riesling was actually quite good, I actually liked it, not bad for a white

One point about the bottle shape is that it is “reserved” for use in this area of Germany, only, except Mateusz Rose.

I return to the boat on the bus and relaxed. In the mean time, Julie is prancing into town. Some of her photos.

from David and Kate


Julie returns and it is time for lunch.

Good soup

Meat and sauce

We had an electric violin concert. The guy was quite good but when I asked him about “The Devil Goes to Georgia” he had never heard of it

It is a quiet afternoon after that. Slowly the weather improves a little bit but you would hardly call it great. Any way, by special invitation we are dining in Portabello tonight. It is an Italian restaurant in the river café area.

We start with a bubbly (Prosecco, of course)

Our menu, part 1

Menu, Part 2

Our Hosts

Some of the guests

Other guests including Julie

Chianti for the red, OK

Pinot Grigio is the white

Antipasto “platter”

Marinated prawn and arincini – my favourite part of the meal

Rocket soup for Julie, quite good but very sweet

A little pepper for Julie

Large ravioli – filling was good


Beef in Barolo sauce. I managed to get a half glass of Barolo, my favourite Italian wine


Cheese for Dessert

All in all, Italian is not my favourite cuisine and this meal largely represented what I don’t like about it. Plus I had to dress up Plus they were serving Duck, one of our favourites, in the main dining room although we are able to do something about that.

There is music in the lounge and some raucous dancing, I go to bed when they start playing rap crap.

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