Decent Weather for a Change

Sunday, 13 August, 2017 – weather: Really nice

Yes, following on from the end of yesterday, the sky is sunny and it is to be 27c today. What a welcome change after over 7 weeks of dross. It is a sleep in day, not that we are very good at it but it did mean when we went for breakfast there was not a major crush which we had seen on other mornings. After the usual, smoked salmon for Julie, omelet for me, we bumble around for a while until there is a presentation by the cruise director on planning for the next week.

There are tours in the afternoon, so we have lunch as soon as the presentation has finished. Mine was pre-planned yesterday with the Head Chef:

Two duck legs I missed out on last night

A lady who was at Portobello last night also was interested in Duck so she and her husband both had a duck leg. I was able to organise another duck leg for dinner for our friend Joe.

We arrive in Bamberg and there are a couple of tours available. Julie chooses the walking tour, I stay on the boat. Some of Julie’s pictures.


Rose garden

Julie returns and after a relaxing drink it is time for dinner. It is a special ala carte menu tonight. For first course I order:

Smoked Salmon starter. Guess where most of that plate ended up?

That is “Restaurant Riva” an upmarket stretch at one table in the back of the room

Horseradish and Mushroom Soup – could have had more horseradish


Julie’s fish

Cheese as dessert

Earlier to bed tonight.

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